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    HDR artifacts

    aeterno33 Level 1

      Lightroom Classic CC version 7.3

      2017 15" MacBook Pro 14,3 macOS 10.13.4


      I have been using Lightroom Classic CC to process HDR images and have run into some issues which I think may be due to dynamic range being too wide per final merged image. I am not 100% sure though and wanted to see if there were any tips about what I may be able to do better.


      Is there a maximum recommended number of stops between exposures to merge to HDR successfully? I was recently in a dark house (walls painted dark blue/grey) on a very sunny day. When I exposed for the exterior from inside, the rest of the walls in the the photo were black. In about half of the merges, I encountered issues with strange graininess - especially around light fixtures - or even in one instance an error message saying that Lr couldn't blend the images because there wasn't enough similar content between exposures. Each merge contains 3 exposures, one slightly over-exposed, one three stops over exposed for shadows and dark objects, and one for the outside (about 4+ stops under exposed depending on the room). Should I have taken more exposures in those conditions for Lr to be able to merge images properly? 


      I was using auto align and had the ghosting correction off for this batch.