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    Error 562782346:689+11 assertion failed! Errors and crashes.

    Reallyenglish Level 1

      I've just lost several 3-4min Ch comps to a scary new error '562782346:689+11 assertion failed!'


      They were all working a couple of days ago, but after dragging them into Ae to feature in some scenes with Dynamic Link, one by one they stopped working.


      When I double click on the comp I linked it into in Ae I just get a totally blank comp, and can't see even the simple Ae bg graphics, or my Ch scene on top.

      When I double click on the Ch comp in Ae, it just hangs, and usually crashes.


      When I try to open said comp in Ch, it doesn't say 'Preparing Scene', it just hangs, stays blank, then throws up this error. Often a crash too.


      All the comps feature just one guy, the same character. When making a new one, I generally duplicate the last comp, delete all the old stuff on the new timeline, then start recording. The reason I do this is to keep all the finely tuned settings on size, position, face  etc, instead of having to redo it all for each new comp.


      Please help as I'm right in the middle of a big project and keep losing days worth of work!


      Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 01.39.15.png