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    Weird changes added to photos upon import?


      Upon uploading photos to Lightroom classic, I noticed that the profile is changed to adobe color and sharpening is set at 40. I thought I had somehow added these changed to all photos upon import, but no modifications have been made to imports on the import screen. How can I go back to having all photos come in with adobe standard and 25 sharpening? Thank you!

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          40 is the 'new' Adobe standard that came with the Classic-CCv7.3 update.

          You could select an unprocessed image from your camera, set the sharpening slider to 25, the hold down [ALT] and click on the button- [Set Default]    Or- from the Menu > Develop > Set Default Settings...

          This will set your Import default to sharpening 25 for future camera imports.


          Adobe Color is also the default profile that came with v7.3-  and the greatly changed Profile browser in the Basic Panel (where you can change that also as a default!). Adobe probably responded to many complaints that raw photos never looked as good as the JPGs or the rendering of raws in competitor software.

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