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    Lightroom Is Unusably Slow - Get your act together Adobe.

    Chris Tsorotes Level 1



      So I have a one month old Mac Book Pro Touch 15 2017 model, with 2.9ghz processor, 16gb RAM, 4gb Radeon and latest version of High Sierra.


      Lightroom runs terribly, mind just to be sure I'm not crazy I've wiped the computer and reinstalled, reset the PRAM and all that.


      Uninstalled and reinstalled everything from Adobe and it runs like total garbage.


      Trying to edit a 1gb TIFF panorama image that I originally put together and edited back in 2010 on a 2009 mobile iMac with 4gb RAM and didn't have as many issues as I'm having now with the lag between applying settings being a couple of seconds making it hard to make fine adjustments.


      Mind you don't have this issue in Photoshop using the Camera RAW filter setting applying the exact same settings, it is FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR faster than in Lightroom.


      Turning the GPU acceleration off doesn't make a difference just makes things even slower.


      Adobe, get your act together!