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    Wrong image shown for file with Canon File Numbering set to Auto Reset

    That Guy Down the Street

      Does this make sense?


      Lightroom is showing me the wrong image for a file.  I just bought a Canon 5D Mark IV.  I'm testing three or four shots, importing them into LightRoom, formatting the memory card and shooting 4 or more shots. 


      I shot three shots outside.

      Imported them into Lightroom

      Deleted 2 of the shots.

      Shot 3 shots inside

      Imported them

      And I see that 2 of the shots I just took inside show up as the images I took in the first pass from outside.  As I import the files, which were inside shots, I see the old outside shots.


      I noticed that the camera, a new Canon 5D Mark IV has it's File Numbering set to Auto Reset.  So I think every time I format the card, it restarts the file numbers.  When I import 2 files in the same day with the same file names into LightRoom, LightRoom gets confused.


      Does that sound possible?