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    Pr will not open "new project" on my Surface Book

    mikecox_ Level 1

      I have been running Pr on my Surface Book for a couple months and it has been well behaved.  A couple days ago it started refusing to "open new project". It just kept timing out.


      My IT service logged onto my computer today and spent almost 2 hours troubleshooting the problem but was unable to resolve the problem.  In the end, they told me they had gone online and read that others were having the same problem and suspected a bug in the recent update.  They told me that I should be looking for Adobe to publish a patch.


      Has anyone else heard about this problem?  Is there any way to contact Adobe to find out if this is true and if they are working on a patch?

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          wolfkain Level 2

          On every major premiere update that include new features, I get to follow this procedure that is also recommenced by Adobe in some cases in order to make sure that there are no conflicts, settings corruption, and side effects. You could try to see if it helps.


          1. I completely uninstall the current version from the Creative Cloud app.

          2. I delete the Premiere folder from Documents\Adobe after I make a backup.

          3. I delete all my caches from %APPDATA%\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Files

          4. I delete all my caches from the scratch disk (possibly %APPDATA%\Adobe\Common\Media Cache)

          5. I re-install the latest version of premiere.

          6. I do a graphics card software update, video card driver update.

          7. I update all my plugins to the latest version.

          8. I start premiere, and spend some time in the settings to adjust them to me needs and also see if anything new comes up.

          9. I restore my keyboard layout by copying it from the backup I took under Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\X.X\Profile-XXXX\Win

          10. I re-arrange the layout to me needs.


          This will 100% assure that you' will encounter half of the bugs that the new version brings along.

          It will also be a good advice to maybe wait a month until you do a major update so that at least 2 minor updates are released to fix most of the bugs.

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            mikecox_ Level 1

            Frankly, I believed this was a Surface Book/nvida issue. 


            My IT services removed Pr and all it's Registry references and all stored data in folders and did a complete tuneup of the OS and updated all my drivers.


            But I followed your steps. 


            4.There was no Adobe folder my Appdata folder but there was one in the Appdata\ local folder with no ref to Pr.  I checked Appdata\Roaming and found a Premiere Pro folder that I deleted.

            6. After the IT person finished I discovered that the Nvidia Control Panel was missing so I will have to contact them again to see why it has gone missing.

            9. not sure what you mean by restoring the keyboard layout.  I've never modified my keyboard layout.


            I reinstalled Pr, clicked open, and after it opened; which is as far as I was able to get before all this, I clicked "Open new project" and, wonder of wonders. it opened!!


            I DID NOT expect that to happen!!! I can hardly believe it!!