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    Please fix this program! It's a freakin' mess!


      Hey guys,


      I don't want to complain about Premiere Pro by itself. I love the program and it's functionalities, but every new update I do, there's more and more bugs in it and old bugs don't get fixed for years, that's ridiculous! I'm paying money for a licence every month but loose over 15 hours of time due to bugs, who pays me for that?


      Just to mention the latest update, discovered 2 new bugs in the first 15 minutes of working time:


      -suddenly no audio in timeline when you load an old project and it gets rendered out without audio aswell (noticed that after 1h30min rendering video, thanks) - fix for that: solo one track and unsolo it (took me an other 15min to figure out and we had this bug on 3 seperate computers)


      -import afx-comp is bugged. you press strg+i, window opens to select afx file, after that it doesn't matter what you click (you can even click abort) because the same window opens after that for a 2nd time and then you can finally import a comp


      there's still plenty of bugs that are in the program for almost a year now, some examples?


      - sometimes program crashes on pressing Strg+Shift+S or "save as" (discovered on multiple computers)


      - sometimes rendering aborts with compiling error if you're working in a program for a long time and have rendered out multiple movies. only fix for that: close all adobe programs and open them again (I do this all the time now before rendering, that's why I didn't notice the missing audio-new-bug, so I almost need a checklist before rendering about "how to avoid bugs in premiere so you can not-waste 2hours again")


      - arranging workspace windows sometimes gets messed up when opening a project from a teammate and I reset my workarea to default...windows disappear and some scrollbars are missing -> restart required


      - on some PCs it wasn't possible to work with imported .mp4s because they just showed a red frame, and we needed to convert them first.



      That's the bugs I have almost daily and there's even more I can't remember.


      I don't want to cry or get attention or whatever, I'm just asking the developers kindly to give more attention in bugfixing this program, instead of developing new features that have even more bugs. You probably noticed that I'm a bit angry in my text because some minutes ago I lost 2 hours of worktime again due to a bug and I'm almost there to quit on premiere if this mess is the new "high-quality" standard.


      btw. I can only talk about the windows-versions so I don't know if this is system-related.




      Thanks for your understanding and I hope that it's not necessary for me to stray with another program in the future...