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    Slow render of jpeg preview after export from tiff



      I have not figured out what is going on with my settings when it comes to exporting jpegs and generating the previews. Very slow.


      My workflow is to generate full size tiff images from my raw files, then create 2000px jpegs from the tiffs. In both cases I use a custom export preset and have the files added to the catalogue. The files and their previews from the RAW to tiff export generate quickly, but when the smaller jpeg files are exported, it seems to be only able to import the files at a rate of one every few seconds. For a small jpeg, this seems crazy slow. The files themselves seem to be generated from the tiffs fast enough. The progress bar indicates the batch is done in a few seconds, but it can take minutes before they finish appearing in the Folders window in Library. What is going on?


      Using the 2018 version of Lightroom CC Desktop on a 4GHz iMAC with 32GB RAM and SSD hybrid drive.


      thank you