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    Sony footage imports as audio only




      I just updated my Adobe Premiere to the latest version yesterday, and now when I import the MP4 footage from my Sony PMW-200 it comes in as audio only. The footage looks fine in After Effects and I'm able to convert it in Media Encoder. The interesting part is, I can still import footage from older projects (recorded with the same camera) and it's fine. And, I was able to look at this footage in Premiere before I updated it. Has anyone else experienced this?




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          Jjepp01 Level 1

          I have an update. I did a little more experimenting and this is what I found: the footage coming from an external hard drive is importing as audio only. If I copy the footage to my computer's hard drive, it imports fine. I also shot a new piece of footage and placed it on the external hard drive. It imports just fine. Older footage from the external hard drive imports fine. The only difference I can find between the problem footage and the working footage is I transferred the problem footage directly from the camera, where I typically use a Sony card reader to transfer footage. Typically, this wonldn't be a problem except that I have 175 gigs of footage to edit and my computer's internal drive wont store that much. Any thoughts how to fix this problem?




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            sveinungg Level 1

            I "solved" the problem by importing the missing files from the internal HD and then re-link it with the fils on the external HD.

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


              Add your voice to this issue: Fix mp4 Importing – Adobe video & audio apps

              Hope we can get a fix out to you soon. In the mean time, you may have use a previous version.



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