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    Error during component layout

      When I am in design mode, I used to see this report from the Problems window:

      Design mode: Error during component layout. Choose Design > Refresh to refresh design mode.

      I clicked refresh from the design mode but this does not solve the problem. The last time I closed the same project I was working on, everything seems fine on design mode. But When this error came out, I cannot see anything from the design mode anymore but just a blank teal-colored design area. This therefore only makes me do changes from the Source Code view. And in terms of design and layout of components, i can only see them in actual if I run my flex application.

      Hope you could help. Thanks!
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          slaingod Level 1
          This is an elusive bug in Flex Builder. Sometimes closing and reopening the project will fix it. Othertimes, rebuilding the project from scratch (start a new project then copy in all of your files) works. If you are religious about source control, you can try pulling different revisions and seeing what ends up breaking it.

          In particular, I have seen issues using the * operator causing issues. They don't occur all the time with * operator, but I have seen it with that. Or possibly certain includes.

          Certainly, you should be able to debug it by saving a copy of your project and then ripping your project apart, removing code and mxml piece by piece until you find the issue.
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            vonnhugo_2006 Level 1
            right. sounds like a lot of work.