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    Saving Audio Channel Presets?

    Major Happenings

      Hi all,


      I'm an audio engineer who is trying to get to grips with the audio side of Premier Pro.


      My question is, how does one save an audio channel as a preset?


      In other words: I want to customize multiple effects to an audio channel (not just an individual audio region/file) and then I want to save that combination of effects to be able to recall them in other projects in the future. I understand how to save presets on individually edited regions/files, but if I am working on a project with multiple audio files dropped in then I don't want to have to go through each one to apply the same set of effects to achieve a uniformed sound through that project. Instead I want to apply a preset to the audio channel so that any audio dropped into said channel is then manipulated in the same way (much like you would in any DAW application's mixer).


      I'm sure the answer is simple, but I just cannot find this function anywhere in Premier's mixer window.


      I would greatly appreciate someone putting my out of my misery