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    Pupil movement from Illustrator to Animator

    andrews20644770 Level 1


      Only the left eye of my puppet will move. The right one doesn't move at all.

      • I'm 99% sure I've labeled all eye assets correctly and consistently between both eyes -I've tried re-labeling, and recreating the layers entirely.
      • I've tagged everything correctly and consistently between both eyes - I'm pretty sure all is tagged correctly, but regardless, Left matches Right
      • Blinking on both eyes works great, and eyebrows work great.


      I've tried camera input, mouse input, and keyboard input, each with the same result.


      I've also had a colleague mess with the puppet on his computer, with the same result, and obviously no solution.


      I hope there's an answer to this issue, but I also hope Ch makes a clear and detailed tutorial just on Pupils and Clipping masks, and how they differ between Ps and Ai. During my search for answers, there seem to be a lot of pupil problems, and it's such an important feature.


      **Not that it should matter, I think, but I built this puppet from scratch, and not from a template. I mention it incase it's informative*


      Below are screen shots of my Ai Layers, and Ch rig...