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    Weird format issues at the bottom of my page

    Martin Fahrer

      This is a real head scratcher.  In my footer I have 3 linked Icons and one regular text and one email text.  As seen in photo 1 (master page).  When I go to Preview website in browser the text appears below the icons I have to scroll down and the Icons stay anchored to the bottom of the page. Photo 2 and 3.


      Here is what I want to do. I would like everything to appear on my home page as one screen no scrolling.  In the other pages I want to but pictures and be able to scroll down, with the text and logos at the bottom of the scroll not sticky at the bottom of the screen.  All the footer items are placed at the bottom of the page and in the same layer footer item is not checked.Footer Muse.JPGWeb Site no Text.JPGFound Text.JPGLayers.JPG


      Thanks for any help