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    Lightroom Classic shows corrupt RAW files


      I shoot RAW large file.  On every CF card, I get about 3 corrupt files out of 200 that show up in Lightroom Classic.  Never the same image number.  I have tried everything.  New cards, new card readers, copying files directly from my Canon 5D III to the computer.  Yesterday, I sent Canon the 3 RAW files that show corrupt in Lightroom from my shoot, and they are fine.  They also show up fine in Canon Digital Photo Professional.  What to do?   I have sent my camera in to Canon...always thinking it was the camera, and they say the camera is fine.  Now I believe them!


      I uninstalled Lightroom Classic and reinstalled it.  Yes...it is the latest version, and it has been updated continually.


      The problem has escalated.  Not only have I been overshooting to compensated for a possible corrupt file on the perfect image, now when I process out to Jpegs, several are not loading into ProSelect.  (If I take the HOUR to process out of Canon Digital Photo Pro....they ALL load into ProSelect.)


      HELP please!