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    Change multiple layer at the same time

      Hello All,
      Is there any way to change multiple layers' position at the same time? i.e.: I've got an slideshow done with several layers (probably around 60) while back and now I need to re use it in a different size (smaller). When I just resize the document, my slide is no longer in the centre of it and is bigger. I would like to: 1. change its position within the document. 2. scale down all layer all together. If 2 is not possible, fine, but I believe there may be a way of change its position. Many thanks for the help!
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          If you look in the area where Flash displays your frames per second is a little button (looks like 2 blu-ish boxes overlapping). It's the "edit multiple layers" button. Once you press this, you will see a marker on your time line asking you to select which frames you want to edit. Stretch that segment to cover all the frames you want to include in your edits - lock any layers you do NOT want to include in your edit. Then, you can hit Ctrl+a to "select all" - this will only select the frames within the "onion" and unlocked frames - from here, any changes made will affect all that is selected. You will have to play around with how this works because it can be a little tricky to understand (when it comes to registration points and centering, etc). I would make a copy of your flash document to test this out until you understand it before you start editing your original.
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            Wagner_Matos Level 1
            Hi mate! You're a star! Thank you very much!!!