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    Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 and ACR 10.3 very slow presets previews

    chaossfoto Level 1

      In general I like new update of Lightroom Classic. Idea that when I put mouse over preset name I see not only small but also big preview is good.

      But generating big preview for my big monitor takes too much time. I want to scroll mouse over lots of presets and see fast previews. But right now I put mouse and wait, then move and wait, and again. Finally I want to turn off this big previews, I'm happy enough with fast previews in navigator, but I can't do this. Please make some checkbox in settings to turn it off. Or make big previews faster generation. For example with some increasing resolution algorithm. Like low details and very fast at first time, but if mouse is staying at this preset then more resolution and more detailed preview generation.