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    Transfering Lightroom to a new computer (Windows)


      I am thinking of purchasing a new (larger) Windows 10 based computer.  I have Lightroom Classic CC install on my current Windows 10 computer and it is up to date.  The last time I upgraded computer and transferred Lightroom (2 years ago) I was able to transfer the photos, presets and the Lightroom catalogs OK (Classic CC).  The problem I had was I push a lot of Lightroom processed photos to Flickr using the built in Flickr Publishing Service and those settings were not transferred over to the new computer.  They seem to reside in the Windows registry and that data did not get moved over.


      I was wondering if this issue could be fix so when we upgrade our computers (to newer and more powerful) that Lightroom Classic CC would look transparent.


      Thanks for all of your help.

      Fred Kuhlman