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    CYCLE LAYERS - can we program this in Illustrator or Photoshop?

    juliahinez Level 1

      Hey! I'm using a LOT of cycle layers. A LOT. (I have a Midi hooked up to my character and have run out of buttons to assign, I'm out of control!)


      CAN WE write something in Illustrator so that Character Animator automatically adds the Cycle layers? I have already had to re-import (after an error, etc) and I also need to be able to send this work to animation directors who just want the thing to work (because I'm selling them on the idea of using your software!!!). Adding the behavior one by one takes a LONG time for my characters.


      You can add a dangle in Illustrator, why not cycle layers?


      OR is this already a feature I haven't spotted in the tutorials??


      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!