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    Adobe Premiere Imported mp4 Audio Desync


      Hey guys, I am sure this problem has come up many times before but I have yet to find a solution that has worked for me. Recently got a new computer, never had any of these issues before on my old comp which makes it extra frustrating.


      I am unable to import video files with audio without the audio being desynced by .1 of a second or so. Having watched the video outside of premiere the sound works perfectly find and everything lines up, it is only once I bring the files into premiere that the audio ends up off. This has happened with multiple video files, and essentially makes it impossible for me to edit anything until this problem is solved.


      I also am getting a message on bootup which reads " The device could not be opened. Do you want to open the audio hardware preference" which may be related. Also an issue I did not have previously. Hopefully someone has an easy fix to this, troubleshooting this has killed my desire to use premiere to edit and has been extremely frustrating.


      Thanks for any help!