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    Flash Projector opens two browser windows

      Hi, long time user, first time poster.

      I've created a Flash Projector file (and this problem also happens when opening a SWF through HTML locally), with links to pdfs, jpegs, a local htm, and other misc files on a local folder. When any of the links to these local files are clicked the files open in two browsers. I'm using getURL and have tried the following setups:

      on(release) {
      getURL("folder/file.pdf", "_blank");

      also changing out _blank for self, top, parent, and nothing, but they all seem to open two browser windows.

      I've also tried giving the linked buttons an instance name and using:

      instance.onRelease = function() {
      getURL("folder/file.pdf", "_blank");

      while changing out _blank with each of the same options, to no avail.

      I've also tried using text with a hyperlink in the properties panel, but got the same results. If I use an actual http:// link in the getURL, it opens fine, but for my purposes I have to assume the end-user might not have internet access. So that does me no good.

      If there's anyone who might know what's going on here and might have a solution, I'd be much appreciative.

      Thank you,