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    Random Synchronization


      I have been working on a number of photos the past week. Running out of room on my computer, I started moving off old catalogues as stand alone to an external drive.


      While doing this, suddenly, as I open a folder inside the Library module to move it, all the photos self-synchronise to some bizarre dark blue tone. This has occurred in every folder I have opened without any action n my part side from selecting the folder. I opened the synch dialogue box and unchecked everything to see if this would fix this issue, but it didn't. The synch is not turned on.


      I was only moments before working on a project in a different folder and have not used the synch feature in days. But in any event, nothing should synch across folders. The history of each photo shows the last action was a synch


      This is extremely troubling as I must go through and change hundreds of photos that have already affected across folders and I don't dare open the folder of my last project.


      Any ideas what is going on?