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    Clicking exclamation point in LR 7.3 won’t locate photos in Collections

    Homeboy Level 1

      My desktop equipment: Lightroom Classic CC Version 7.3 in Creative Cloud, Windows 10, Dell XPS 8900, 32GB Ram, 4 Ghz, 64-bit, x64, Intel Core i7-6700K CPU


      Problem --  Reorganized folders on external drive, then created Collections. In Library mode in Collections, when I click the exclamation point on an image, navigate, click the thumbnail image in the new folder and click Select, a popup message says:


      “Already in catalog. The file [filename appears here] is associated with another photo in the catalog. Each file can only be associated with one photo. Show in Library.”


      The exclamation point remains. Oddly, LR used to accept Select and find the new location with no problem. Now it seems as though LR sees duplicates, which there aren't. In the Folders section, for the same set of photos, there isn't an exclamation point.


      How do I resolve the conflict and so Collections knows where the images are, and make the exclamation point go away?


      (By the way, System Info under Help says I have Windows 7, which used to be on my desktop, but is still on my laptop. How do I let it know I'm using Windows 10 on the desktop?)