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    Multiple targets on one trigger


      I am creating some sort of interactive map showing large scale urban project that was never realized. The idea is to have this really basic map, and when you hover your mouse over different parts, the plans are being superimposed on the map. This I solved using a 'compositions' widget (See hover effect in images). However, I would also like people to be able to click on the same area, and have some additional information appear, some text, and maybe some photos.


      This could be solved if Muse would allow for two triggers to be active on top of each other, but since this is not the case I am wondering If I could have the same trigger control different targets, one for hover over, and one for click. If someone have some clever work arounds, I'd live that, however I'm not good at coding.




      Skjermbilde 2018-04-23 kl. 00.01.38.pngSkjermbilde 2018-04-23 kl. 00.01.46.png