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    Content Sensitive Help

      I am currently investigating/ trying to buid a help system. I have created a webhelp project (RoboHelp HTML 7) and imported my Framemaker files (book). So, in essence, I have a stand alone help system at the moment. My aim is to have Application Help and Content Sensitive WebHelp. Hopefully, I am on the right path. All feedback is greatly appreciated as I am confused regarding context sensitive markers to create content sensitive help.

      Prior to importing my framemaker book into Robohelp HTML (7), I added a marker called "Topic Alias" to my first topic in my first chapter (Framemaker file)- I did this to try and see if it would convert as the on-line help says it would (re: in framemaker document, place markers " Topic Alias" and then give them name e.g. ID1 in source frame doc before converting to webhelp.then, during creation of webhelp, I made sure to bring over my bullets, TOC, and Alis markers. However, when I got into the Robohelp and specificallty the WYSIWYG pane, I no longer saw my "Topic Alis" marker (only saw the corresponding TOC marker for that particular topic.

      Have I missed something in trying to prepare the framemaker document for content sensitive help?