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    HELP Needed with Presenter Reporting!

      I have created an online assessment and placed it in the middle of a presenter presentation.

      The "assessment" is made up of 5 non graded short answer questions which gather basic info like Name, Phone Number, Date etc - there are no wrong answers - simply identifers for who is taking the assessment (and watching the presentation).

      Immediately following these five short answer questions are 12 True/False questions which do have right and wrong answers.

      To test - I published the presentation and took the assessment as 10 different people (ie viewed the presentation 10 times and answered all the questions 10 times) so I could see how the info was recorded and displayed by Adobe Connect Enterprise.

      When I pull the reports they are all "gobbledegook" - Long strands of disconnected numbers (in a txt file) with some identifiable answers mixed in. Impossible to interpret!

      What I am looking to accomplish is this...

      Have a singular individual watch the presentation - take the assessment and then access their assessment answers (both short answer and T/F) in a way that has the data entered reported together for that person.

      What I am getting is disconnected answers to each question not easily connected as a singular assessment test...

      I know there must be a way to get answers to questions associated with one test taker but how??

      Can anyone assist me?

      Steven Litzinger
        • 1. HELP Needed with Presenter Reporting!
          Hi Steven,
          The issue you are facing has nothing to do with Presenter Reporting. The problem here is with the display of the report which is being done by the LMS, in this case Adobe Connect. If you check the reports for a particular individual in the 'Reports' section, you will see that all the reports are generated correctly which means that Presenter is 'reporting' correctly but Connect is not 'showing' the reports as you want it to.

          Now coming to your actual problem. Do you just want to be able to 'view' reports or do you want to download them as well? If you just want to view reports then Connect does a good job at that. But the amount of information you can view in the reports depends upon your 'Role' in Connect.
          For instance, if you are an 'Administrator' or 'Training Manager', then you can view all results of all students (in Connect 7, there is a separate Reporting Wizard that shows reports for each student who has taken that course, the reports include questions, their answers, score etc; this exactly meets your requirement).
          If you are only a 'Learner' then you can only view your own report and this report includes the Question and the score and nothing else (answers are not shown).

          If you want to download results, then only Admin/Training Manager can download results. Someone who has only 'Learner' rights cannot. You can download results at various levels- By Slides, By Users, By Questions, By Answers but these reports do not meet your requirement and they have lot of additional data like sco-id, principal-id that you may not require. The downloaded result is available in .csv format. If you view it in Microsoft Excel then the representation of data will be better. You can also download reports from the Reporting Wizard. But none of these reports match your requirement, that is displaying answers to questions for a particular user. What you can get is score and status corresponding to each test-taker (from Reporting Wizard on C7 and Reports->By Users on C6 & C7).

          You should put your query on 'Connect Training Module' on ConnectUsers.com as it is an issue with that module. Someone there might be able to suggest some solution or workaround. Here is the link : http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucbb/viewforum.php?id=36