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    Importing German HHC into RoboHelp

      I have a serious problem when importing an HHP project file together with the other reelated files, such as the HHC contents file, into RoboHelp. We create these files from FM and Mif2go and import the set into RH.

      The HHC file is created from FrameMaker correctly. The non-ASCII characters are generated specifically such as „ - this I believe is called escaping. However, when RH imports the project set, the Table of Contents in Robohelp shows the German characters incorrectly - specifically the German quotation marks. Even more so, when creating the WebHelp version, the result output is poor and unacceptable.

      I have since discovered that RH X3 imports the characters correctly when looking at the TOC in RH but the delivery WebHelp file is incorrect. To add to the mystery, the source file WebHelp calls for the ToC (whtdata0.xml) looks fine. Just it displays incorrectly when it's called from WebHelp.
      RH7 does an even poorer job as the ToC doesn't even look correct in the RH view.

      Does anyone have any idea how to correct this problem, if at all?

      Much appreciated,