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    "this adobe muse file is damaged and cant be opened" - HELP please

    Bill Felkner

      I switched to Muse to build our new site and its been good for a few weeks but when i opened muse this AM to update the site, i got a message saying the file is damaged and can't be opened.  Is there a way to repair, or download from the internet what was uploaded?  or anything?  I backed up but it was 2 weeks ago and a LOT of changes since then.


      For background, the site is www.hummelreport.org and i last updated it Friday afternoon.  I put in our new story and updated to the internet.  No issues uploading and everyhing went through ok.  I have not opened the file since then until i found the problem this AM. 

      please help if you can, i do not want to rebuild if i can avoid.