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    Lightroom cc export vs Lightroom classic cc export


      I have Ryzen 7 1700x 450gb ssd 16gb of ram at 3200, and a gtx 1080

      When exporting any amount of photos in lightroom classic cc from raw to jpeg from my canon 5D MIV it spikes my CPU to 100% making my PC unusable during export.

      When exporting from lightroom cc it runs the CPU at highest of 20% this wouldn't be a big deal if lightroom CC was a viable option to use as a full-time editor.


      this seems really weird to me, has anyone else ran into this? figured out fixes?

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi peterl32680862,


          Sorry that the CPU usage spikes up to 100% while exporting from Lightroom Classic CC and is impacting your computer's performance.


          Could you please let us know the version of Lightroom Classic CC you're using? Also, provide a screenshot of Task manager showing actual memory usage when the CPU usage spikes up.


          Also, make sure that the Address lookup and Face detection is paused.