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    Mac Display problems


      We are creating an app and having some display problems that only seems to be affecting OSX browsers. We have a custom component that is based on a canvas. We dynamically add several of these components to other display components at runtime ( through actionscript by calling addChild usually ). Everything displays fine on Windows browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari) but when loading it in firefox or safari on osx, all we see is a blank space where the component should be visible. Does anyone have any ideas?

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          justria Level 1
          Sorry, no I've never seen this, although I code Flex purely on OS X.

          I know of different render speeds (Windows much faster), but not of such severe problems.

          Could you post a URL? I'm happy to check on Leopard, you case this helps.

          BTW: On OS X, Flex apps in browsers tend to appear white, if an obscured window gets back in foreground.
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            Raklar Level 1
            I'm not sure that I can send a link, corporate web app and all...

            but it's very puzzling, I don't believe it is due to render times, reports say it just never displays. I might have to try and track down a mac development machine for a few days of testing as I don't have a mac locally and makes it a real pain in the neck to debug since I don't even know what I'm looking for. I thought I would post here and see if anyone else has ever encountered anything even remotely similar.

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              Raklar Level 1
              Apparently setting X or Y to NaN causes strange things on the mac, this is apparently what was causing all the problems.