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    Sync Individual Photos with Lightroom CC


      I mostly work in Lightroom Classic, but want to sync some photos with Lightroom CC for access/sharing/etc when I'm not in Lightroom Classic.


      I know that I can add photos to a collection, then sync the collection with Lightroom CC.  At that point, all photos in the collection are synced.


      I also know that I can drag a photo to the "All Synced Photographs"  Collection(?) in the "Catalog" heading.


      Is there another way to sync a single photo?  There are times when i only want to sync some of the photos in a collection.  Dragging them to the All Synced Photographs" is tedious, and it is not organized, so if I want to remove a photo from sync, I have to search for it.


      I'm looking for a hot-key, menu item, or even the ability to click on the "double arrow" in the upper right corner of the preview to add/remove it from sync.  Does something like this exist?