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    SRW and Lightroom 7.3


      I've seen this question come up but didn't see a response. SRW files are no longer showing up in the import dialogue screen. It filters them out and only shows me JPEGS. I've made sure that my preferences are set to treat them as two different files, but it still omits my SRW files. Has anyone found a solution?

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Help us to suggest an answer with-

          1) A screen-clip of your LR System Info- top 20 lines  (Menu > Help > System Info...)

          2) Your Camera Model number?

          3) What is selected in the Sort Options menu?


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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You could try updating to LR 7.3.1 from the apps tab in Creative Cloud.

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              I have the same issue in LR 7.3 and 7.3.1 with .SRW files from my Samsung NX1 and other Samsung NX cameras. It works fine in LR 7.2 or older.


              I have found a couple of workarounds. You can insert the SD card to the PC after you've opened LR and then the .SRW files show up. The other workaround is to select the SD card as a source in the import screen under the "Files" category, where all your other disks are too and the SRW files will show up. If you select the SD under the "Devices" section, it omits them, unless you do my first workaround.


              You could even rename them to .ARW or something and then they show up always everywhere, but that takes more time.