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    Photos with LUTs not working on my phone


      Hi, I have installed a pack of luts in Lightroom and edited some photos with them. When I exported the photos with the color space set to the lut I want, it exports fine and I can see the lut applied when I select the photo in my files in windows. BUT when I move the edited picture to my phone to upload to Instagram, the picture is edited, just without the lut applied? How can I fix this?

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          Are you using LUTs from Lutify.me purchased prior to the release of LR 7.3, where the LUTs are represented as ICC profiles (color spaces) that you apply in LR's soft-proofing and export? 


          If so, it may be that Instagram isn't fully color-managed and doesn't correctly interpret the ICC profile (color space) you set in the exported photo.  See here:

          https://lutify.me/support/documentation/luts-from-adobe-photoshop-lightroom-do-not-appear- in-the-exported-image-what-sho…


          To verify that hypotheis, try converting the file to sRGB and uploading it to Instagram:


          1. Import the exported file back into LR.


          2. Export that file, but change the color space in the export window to sRGB.


          3. Upload that file to Instagram.


          (To others reading this thread, simply exporting the original file as sRGB won't work, because of the way Lutify.me used ICC profiles in a tricky way to apply their LUTs.)


          Finally, it appears that Lutify.me now offers versions of their LUTs as LR 7's new enhanced profiles.  I recommend that you update to that new mechanism, which will let you edit without relying on soft-proofing and export your files using sRGB or Adobe RGB directly.