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    image looks different in different browsers?

    patrickpmm Level 1
      I had set up a webpage and was having one little problem with it that I could not fix. For some reason, one image (the header of my page) looked blurry in Firefox but nice and crisp in Internet Explorer. If I played with the settings in Photoshop and resaved out as jpg to make the image look crisp and nice in Firefox, it looked mangled and choppy in IE.

      After much testing and asking in other forums, I finally found a setting in DreamWeaver. Right mouse clicking the placeholder for the image in the table in DreamWeaver, I selected "Optimize" which brought up a window for the image and I checked "Progressive Browser Display".

      Uploaded my hmtl index file to my host and voila, the image looks nice in both Firefox and IE.

      So the question is, do I need to worry that somehow that setting has done something unforeseen but negative?

      Any experience with this setting and anything to be worried about? This was driving me INSANE and it's the only thing I could find that fixed it.