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    Adobe PDFMaker plugin causing Excel to crash


      Hi, all. I have a user I support who is experiencing an issue with the PDFMaker Add-In in Excel (through Office 365). Typically, with the add-in enabled, the moment the user tries to type in a spreadsheet, Excel crashes with Event ID 1000 with a faulting module of KERNELBASE.dll. Sometimes Excel crashes the moment is loads. If we disable the PDFMaker Add-In, Excel runs perfectly. I've tried some common troubleshooting from the support site, including repairing both Office and Adobe. I've also tried disabling all the features in the PDFMaker options. Finally, with no positive results, as recommended we uninstalled Acrobat DC Pro, then uninstalled Office as well. We then reinstalled Office, then reinstalled Acrobat. We rebooted, and the issue persisted just the same. At this point, I'm not sure what else I can do beyond reinstalling both applications - I am open to and thankful for suggestions. I couldn't find any similar complaints/issues here recently on the Adobe Forums or in Microsoft's forums.