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    Windows 7/Acrobat

    lucyb6075634 Level 1

      Just recently when I try to open a pdf, my computer comes up with the message 'do you want to allow the following programme to make changes to this computer'. I tried uninstalling & downloading my Acrobat XI again, but it's still doing it. Any suggestions to get rid of this unnecessary message. I don't want to change the notifications status. Thanks.

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Does this happen immediately, before you see the Acrobat window? If so, the option "run as administrator" has probably be set for the Acrobat app. Turn it off.

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            lucyb6075634 Level 1

            This sounded like the right solution, but I went to the properties on the program and the ‘run as administrator’ box was not checked under Compatability.

            I then ran the Compatability Troubleshooter & it suggested to run as administrator. I tried this and it was even worse, so I went back in and unchecked ‘Run as admin’. Now it’s working correctly. Not sure what was going on, but thanks.