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    Fonts are missing (but are still located on my machine)


      I'm having a problem, and the Adobe customer support has (unhelpful) Moderator note: Profanity removed.. They wouldn't offer any help other than "It's your font" and "go try the forums" so I'm here trying to get help.


      I have a font that I use for work constantly. Pretty much every single day. I've been using it for years with no problem. Well, today the font is "missing" in Premiere Pro. I can't find the font in the list of available fonts ONLY IN PREMIERE PRO. The font is found in Photoshop and Illustrator like they normally are. No problems there. The problem is with Premiere Pro only. I'm on a Mac using the latest OS and all of the most recent updates on Adobe CC. I have uninstalled Premeire Pro and reinstalled it. I have deleted the font and reinstalled it. I have restarted my Mac. I know Premiere updated recently, so maybe the update caused a problem?


      Like I said, customer support wouldn't help me at all. They said to go to Typekit to find a font that is similar to the one that is missing and just use that. Totally unacceptable and very poor customer support.