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    Force flash to open file download box in front of the flash movie

      I'm making a dvd title using flash to auto start when people pops the dvd disc in.
      I have a button 'Click here to download the movie' and clicking the button should pop up a file download box so people can save the movie file(.mov) to their desktop.
      Problem is that the file download box shows up behind the flash movie so people won't be able to see the download box since it's hidden behind the flash. This is critical since I intend the flash to open as a full-screen mode.
      Is there a way to force the flash to open the download box in front of the flash movie?

      I tried getURL and fscommand ("exec", "filename.exe") and even fileReference commands to try different way of linking the movie file, and they all open download box behind the flash.

      Please help~~~