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    Help center closed my plan. I need to refund money or open plan.


      I had one plan. Under this plan, the payment was overdue. I've tried to pay for it but there are some problems with payments in your system (some problems with CAPTCA and requisites).


      I wrote about it to help center and agent said: I'll close plane what you have. You just need to buy new. I said ok and bought it (1st payment).


      After that you debited my card again twice for old plan (2nd and 3rd payments). There were one payment for debts under the old plan and its extension. Now I had already two plans.


      So I wrote here and asked that you help me and close one of plans and refund money for one of them. Your colleague refund me money for one plan but closed all my plans.


      I need to activate plane or money for it.Help center ignores me now with this problem.


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