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    Flash Animation to Quicktime Oddities

      I created an animation using pngs in cmyk format for a client and added music. The artboard is 500 pixels/400 pixels at 28 fps. It involves many images coming in and moving out of frame. All the tracks/layers are ended with an empty frame when completed. It runs about 1 minute and 40 seconds. There are some pngs that are big, resolution-wise, but most are small single items. This needs to run in Quicktime (or other) on a television as a loop. I seem to be missing a detail because when I export to Quicktime, the images have started to "trace" or leave artifacts across the screen. Pieces of the images are left behind when they move out or across the screen. I'm learning in "real time" so I need advice although I'm sure my query is highly generic. Can anyone help me fix my conversion to Quicktime? Does this problem sound familiar?
      Sincerely, Al