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    Bug 2018.1: master pages & widgets

    Yorh Ekin Level 2

      I have made up a test site.


      The master page is rather really easy and simple. But for some reason it happens that

      my layout pages get broken when I play around a little bit with widgets and heights.


      Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 22.33.30.png


      I have no idea why Adobe Muse 2018.1 suddenly re-arranges elements on my layout

      pages rather randomly ... on all pages, however only for some breakpoints strangely.


      And that's a very critical point. Because ...


      1) I don't want to be afraid to make simple changes on the master page and suddenly

      notice some strange display glitches on my layout pages.


      Just imagine you have a site with 50 pages and each page contains 4 breakpoints.


      For a web designer, that means


      1) Oh jesus, now I have to re-check 200 layouts to make sure nothing is broken.

      2) I have to fix the elements on 200 layouts if something unexpected occurred


      That's for sure a lot of extra work for fixing layouts.


      - - -


      Secondly, I have purchased some widgets on the site museforyoushop.com.

      but for some reason, the widgets sometimes work in preview, sometime they don't.

      It's playing around with settings, re-positioning the widget on the page, then suddenly

      it works and the next time it fails.


      I emailed the developer. He tells me his developed widgets work fine. From

      my point of view, they don't work at all.


      I don't know what the problem is with widgets, but it's a totally unreliable disaster

      in terms of development.



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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey Yorh,


          I must say that this has been reported a week ago and by now you might have resolved your issues, as the site looks perfect at my end.


          Also designed beautifully, however, did you face any issues while working on master? or is there something missed from my sight?


          For widget issue, the developer is the only person who can help you out.





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