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    tags id are not visible in .as file

      import mx.controls.Alert;
      import mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent;
      public var isValid:XMLList;
      public var message:String;
      public var deviceXML:XMLList;
      public var adsXML:XMLList;
      *method for validating user and loading deviceList
      public function handleXML(event:ResultEvent):void
      isValid = event.result.validator as XMLList;
      message = isValid.valid;
      if(message == "validUser"){
      stackValidator.selectedChild = successLogin;
      deviceXML = event.result.device;
      Alert.show("invalid username or password","ERROR");

      stackValidator is not visible, stackValidator is a id for datagrid present in admin.mxml.and above code present at different admin.as file . i want to use id of tags which are present in admin.mxml in this admin.as file.

      plz help i m not getting any way to , hpw 2 do it
      thanks in advance