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    Downgrading To Lightroom 6 - A Revelation

    Chris Tsorotes Level 1

      After the mess with LR 7.0 and the fact that Lightroom is unusable even with the latest 7.3.1 patch.


      I did the following, downgraded to to LR 6 with all the patches, I also used App Cleaner to remove the Creative Cloud agent and as much Adobe bloatware and agents on my system.


      The performance improvement is nothing short of a revelation, everything from importing and working in the develop module is blisteringly fast by comparison.


      The biggest revelation was using adjustment brushes in the latest releases is painfully slow and even worse with "auto mask selected" once applied, any changes like temperature, exposure would take a good second to show on screen after moving the brush, now it's back to instantaneous.


      Also no bugs where my previous images are showing up when I use the cropping tool (as has been reported on here)


      I'm running the latest MB Pro Touch, with all the latest Sierra updates, 16gb ram and 4gb GPU and LR 7 is simply rubbish.


      I highly recommend go back to the earlier version if you can (and if it still supports your existing gear) don't waste any more time with Lightroom 7 until Adobe get their act together and release a working program.