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    Adobe Stock: support that makes you want to stab yourself in the eye.


      I accidentally licensed an image on Adobe Stock by clicking when my scroll was delayed. 

      A.>I cannot believe that Adobe does not have a failsafe pop up box that EVERY other website has.... "Are you sure you want to License this image?" its a fairly simple and standard feature.  Not only are you wasting company resources (since I'm absolutely sure I'm not the first person with this problem), but your also creating more chances for your customers to come into contact with your piss poor customer service.

      B.> I spent a lovely hour on the Adobe chat with Deepti whose lack of English lead to a 15 min problem being turned into an hour.  We went back and forth until he basically tells me he can't help me. And Ok, it was a free trial, and if it had been my mistake that lead to the issue, I wouldn't have bothered anyone. HOWEVER, I was planning on keeping the subscription, but since Adobe can't be bothered to credit 1 lousy image, I'm taking it as a sign I should dump all my adobe products as soon as I have semi workable replacements.


      This was maybe one of the most irritating customer service exchanges I've ever had- and as I was briefly in Customer service, I'm usually very forgiving (and I don't even have a problem with outsourcing) but I draw the line at NOT KNOWING ENGLISH.  If you need a good example of good customer service, try Amazon Chat.