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    lightroom classic cc hangs after 7.3 and 7.3.1 update


      There are a few other discussions where this issue is being reported but i believe they have other issues clouding the discussion


      Since the update to 7.3 and subsequently7.3.1 Lightroom Classic CC hangs after being idle for a time (i can;t be specific on time as it seem to change). It dos not happen necessarily on sleeping from the computer or in one module or another or when changing windows or minimizing or maximizing


      It hangs and i am forced to "end task" through Task Manager


      I am on a completely up to date (drivers and software and Windows) Win 10 Pro 64 system with 128gb RAM and plenty of horsepower and disk space (NVME and SSD)


      My system has no problems with any other programs


      I have posted this on adobe support as well


      I ask for help with this issue. i Don’t need advice on where else to go just help with this issue