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    Premiere Pro Selecting Specific GPU


      Hi all,


      So my main editing rig currently has 1 GPU installed, and I use GPU acceleration in Premiere Pro for editing (working off Cineform) and rendering. But an odd question came upon me today, if I were to have more than 1 GPU installed in my machine, can I select a specific GPU to work with Premiere Pro? More so what I mean, is say I wanted a GPU to use for gaming, and a GPU to use for Premiere Pro acceleration so that when rendering my gaming performance (at least on the GPU end) isn't effected.


      Currently, while gaming and rendering, my GPU gets about 20% of it's usage used up by Premiere Pro which hinders game performance. So I am really curious if a less powerful GPU could be assigned to work with Premiere Pro in specific. Hopefully this question makes sense, let me know if anyone wants more information. Oh and a note, I did search around for a few hours about this before posting but didn't find anything in specific that answered my question. Thanks!