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    Printed Documents crash in RH6

    TanTurn Level 1
      In RH 6 - opened a Printed Documentation layout. Set the settings to generate a Word document, create one book, retain hyperlinks, and use conditional text exclusions.

      RH crashed while compiling at the updating stage with a message of "RoboHelp HTML Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience".

      Deleted the loose files that had been copied to the SSL folder, deleted the Printed documentation layout, and recreated another one, with the same settings. Same problem occurred.

      Checked the macro settings in Word to make sure Adobe was a trusted site. All OK.

      Eventually started playing with my layout settings, and discovered that if in the Conditional Build Expression box, I select "None", the Word doc generates.

      I need to use my Conditional Builds, anyone know why this might be causing RH to crash?