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    List of serious bugs that need a fix ASAP

    wolfkain Level 2



      Bellow is just a small list of bugs that makes Premiere *unstable* and unusable event for simple tasks. I wouldn't even label it a beta version. It's more like alpha to me.

      Whoever decided that this version is ready for public should perhaps consider changing a job.


      I really don't get it why Adobe is constantly trying to add new features to catch up with competitor NLEs instead of focusing on solving bugs & improve performance.


      Here is the list:

      I'm always testing with a clean version of Premiere with default layouts, settings, and cleaned cache.


      1. Accidentally clicking on clip's edge on project panel cause's premiere to instantly crash. (Unresolved since CC 2015)



      2. Changing workspace will randomly cause premiere to crash. (Almost every-time in CC 12.x)


      3. Opening Lumetri Scopes while coloring will randomly cause premiere to crash.


      4. No audio after opening a project or after working for a while (CC 12.x specific bug)


      5. Apparently you cannot perform a search since the search box is disabled (CC 12.x specific bug)


      6. Sometimes when you open a complex project premiere instantly crashes!!! (almost 10% chances on CC 12.x)


      7. Audio Ducking if you are interested (you really shouldn't) is beta as hell. Sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes premiere.


      8. Dynamics effect will cause a time shift by almost a second! (CC 12.x specific)


      9. Timecode window and project layout (metadata, order, column widths) gets reset on every project or workspace change. (CC 2018 and CC 12.x)


      10. Interface lacks of design and flexibility and begs for a complete remake. A bar on the top to switch workspaces will not make it look like resolve. (OK, not a bug really.)


      Plus many many others that I forgot, that will either make you rollback or drive you crazy enough and consider switching to DaVinci Resolve or another NLE.


      For the love of God please stop releasing crappy updates that introduce more bugs instead of fixing existing ones.

      We prefer to spend less time debugging and more time being productive.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I can't reproduce 1 - 6 on either or my Windows 10 Pro (1709) machines.


          I haven't tested 7 - 9.

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            R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I can't repro any of them.


            For some users, there are issues. For many, not. So for one person to make the wild assumption that every computer out there will have every issue they've found is a bit to the grand side.


            Which isn't to say, if one is having major issues, one doesn't get ticked. Of course! Been there myself. But this version is running sweet for me. And total forum posts didn't spike near as much as a few recent releases, so I'd say that's not an unusual experience.



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              megacinn Level 2

              well, lets see it objective.

              I myself haven't had these issues as well, BUT , I haven't even come so far to to check these issues , because the update was so horrible buggy that I was'nt even able to complete the most simple workflows (no ME working, no hrdwaresupport, many codecs not readable anymore, offline videos..a.s.o.

              After a horrible weekend , I had to switch back to the really stable 12.0.1 , to finish my project, avoiding loosing my contract and customer.

              As I noticed , there where so many people around here who had exactly the same issues like me, and all of them had no chance else downgrading.

              Talking now of them a s usual minority , and stating that this is as usual , and on top of it ...a adobe representative telling me in person that this is the best update ever......is a bit ...let's say..snobbish.


              Yes, as an adobe employee I have to minimize the disaster, but is it wise to ignore the facts and telling the customer that its their fault...and the most common statement in my 30year carreer in this business....

              "never heard of that problem before...you are the first to complain about it"........ !?!?


              Wouldn't it increase the customers trust in this product, if adobe honestly admits, that there are some bugs (problems occure everywhere) and that they are aware of it and willing to fix it in a dedicated timeframe !?


              THAT would be a trustfully and cooperative statement...everyone would calm down and considering maybe to upgrade to a future release.


              THIS current behaviour gives us only 2 choices:

              1.     If this is the best and smoothest update and only a negligible bunch of customers (as always) complaining.....then I really do not want to know how a worse update behaves...and I never will have it on my productive system / and paying for it.

              2.     If it is , and stays as it is, I (as many others) can only stay on the older very good working version 12.0.1 and planing our migration to another software (either back to the MediaComposer (easiest way) , or for a more advanced one like resolve (the most interesting option) , because one thing every adobe representative should always keep in mind :

              Most of us hate the pricy subscription .... and if we get DOWNGRADES for 700 bucks/year ...we are not willing to pay for it at the end of or subscription anymore.



              Whatever happens..I for myself will defenitely not upgrade anymore until I have significant proove and other customers experiences that I can work with it again as before (and better). If there is no improvement within the next 1-2 month ....see above.


              Finally , I'm working with premiere since more then 20 years now (do not laugh...yes I have been working with the first version under win3.11 and those buggy I/O-boards since then.

              As well I'm working and supporting in this industry since 25years really huge avid-systems

              I , honestly never was so shocked an disappointed about an update like this one....and you can tell how many I ever have made for my and other companies.


              I really never had expected that kind of ALPHA-Software....... so I agree with you "wolfkain"

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                I'm having some of these occur as well. The most frustrating is Premiere crashing when switching between work spaces - causing a huge slow-down in work flow.

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                  lucyve Level 1

                  I'm with you and can vouch for a number of those. That annoying number 5 drives me mad - comes and goes - for no particular reason 'I shall not let you search your bins unless you reboot'. I'm like a software user from 1996 in that I spend all my time nervously manually saving after every edit and rebooting as soon as things get weird. And yes, I spend much of my un-billable freelance time sending official bug reports to Adobe but sometimes you just gotta share this madness on a forum. *sigh*

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                    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I think you perhaps mis-understand my comments a bit ... first, I'm not Adobe staff. Period. And as noted in many other threads, I've had issues with major to very minor bugs myself. You've got many more years with this app than I, at only a bit above 6 now. And in that time I've spent several months pretty near idle as a release hammered my workflow ... or to get around that, had to use a prior release for that several month period.


                    I get all that. It is ... both a real pain for work stuff (rational side) and way past annoying (emotional side).


                    Hence, my several long, detailed rants on this & the SpeedGrade forum on things I felt were screwed up. Oh, and Prelude also.


                    And at NAB every year, and the past couple MAX conferences, I've looked up some staffers and been very happy to share my joys and my frustrations with this app. Including the things that I see popping up here that haven't been fixed yet. I'll give them credit, they see me coming they tend to still smile. But they know they're going to get a laundry list of issues. As the frustrations over issues happening to others here and lack of progress on some features that need work tend to outnumber the the nice things to say. There's always more needed, isn't there?


                    Where I would disagree is on the comments that say or imply no one can or should even try to work in a current build. That everyone should avoid it. Especially, as I noted, one can get a bit of a feel from here over how posts show up in the next couple months after a build. How many types of issues, and how much of a spike in posts there is.


                    The first couple weeks for 12.1 were mostly a few issues, and that's widened out some over the last month, several different things have popped up, and some have already been fixed. But compared to several prior releases, there wasn't near the "width" of types of issues, nor near the spikes. Not even close. Which indicates that a smaller percentage of the UB is being affected. But look at all the negative posts ... well, what will you ever see here but problems? There's no reason for people to come say "oh, mine's working good" is there? So naturally the 'vantage' here is skewed to the problems side.


                    For the development team, it is a good thing that a smaller percentage of the UB is getting buggy behavior than in previous builds.


                    For users who do have buggy operation, even to rendering this version useless, that ain't no compensation, as they are hammered by it. And that they're part of a smaller group ain't no consolation either. And again, I've been there with both major and minor issues in the past.


                    My main focus is always how to get the most peers working somehow, right now, in the world as it is. And pressure the team to fix those things what need fixing. When someone posts that they're having troubles with 4k drone playback on a 120fps sequence with a lot of Warp stabilizer, and complains the program is cruddy ... and it turns out they're on an eight year old laptop with a spinning internal and spinning external drive (later over USB2) ... with no GPU whatever ... and refuse to consider proxies ... well, they have two realistic options: proxies or a new rig. And yea, I've seen several posts of that 'issue'.


                    The folks with the mov import problems right now ... that is an issue, no clue what causes it, it seems to occur both Mac/PC, and with new-gear created mov files. That needs fixing from the team, as it's not anything that a user apparently can "cause".


                    It's not demeaning whatever to note that someone with such an issue is in a minority of users ... it's Realville. Fact. And ... so what? I'm not a 'majority' of users either ... as noted throughout this post. Nor does saying a small minority have an issue say anything whatever about the importance of fixing that issue. Completely different things.


                    As stated above, I've had to stay a release "back" for up to six months myself. For an issue that affected only a small percentage of users. I've been there. It's doable, and built into the system they have to do so. I typically have three versions installed of PrPro for various projects as I tend not to upgrade projects. That whole dustup with Dolby Labs over ac3 audio support ... and the forced withdrawal of numerous previous versions from the downloadable list ... sucks big time. But Dolby does what Dolby wants with their own property. Ah well.


                    This program ... like Avid, Resolve, and my framing air-gun, are just tools to get a job done. Use what works for you. If that means staying back a release for a few months while some issues are resolved, hey, it gets work out the door. If at some point you think Avid or Resolve would be a better fit, use 'em. And if Adobe's team can't keep up with the Jones'es, well ... a lot of folks will jump.


                    I've not been into R-15 yet, but I've certainly been familiar with Resolve 14.x for editing/color. Some interesting things there. And yes, I told that to the Adobe staffers at NAB also. A little pressure in development being to my mind a Good Thing.


                    I just want your work to get out the door. You got yourself and probably a family to pay for ... gotta get the work done.



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                      cvid01 Level 4

                      Neil, one of your responses did work for me when the latest version of PPro kept crashing after opening Lumetri. Your response was:


                      "Then try going into the Layouts folder ... normally found in the Users/<username>/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro 12.0 folder, maybe in a sub-folder. Mine has additionally Profile-Creative Cloud/Layouts.

                      Delete that folder, with PrPro closed.



                      Of course, this is for Windows, and it worked like a charm - thanks. Hope it can work for this issue, at least in the parts dealing with crashes.

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                        R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        As always, just glad to help. While in general, this app is a good tool ... first, there's always issues for some users, and second ... there's a ton of things could be better. And I find solutions and tricks to get things done ... and work-arounds ... just like any other person on this forum.


                        In the end, it's a tool to get work out the door.



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                          LokiTM Level 1

                          I am seeing the 1 second delay in audio after applying dynamic effects. Interestingly the visual representation of the sound is in the right place, but it actually plays later. This makes audio sync very difficult. I also worry that it will revert once I export.

                          Running 12.1.1 (build 10) on a Mac with MacOS 10.13.4

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                            wolfkain Level 2

                            That's because you're testing it like Adobe does.

                            On a new project with maybe a single or no clips at all.

                            All my tests have been done on a production machine with real projects, with real footage from all kind of cameras.

                            That's something Adobe is unable to do, because they have zero editor beta testers.

                            And that's exactly why companies usually skip a version or two for at least a year before "hero" editors beta-test the latest version.


                            If you are a junior editor that mostly cuts youtube videos you might not be bugged by most of them.

                            But PROs will say thanks but no....

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                              wolfkain Level 2


                              I'll give you the same answer I gave to Jim Simon.


                              Of course the bugs don't apply to all. That's why on most of them I used the term randomly.

                              You will encounter them 100%. You just didn't push it enough.

                              I've been beta testing for a week in our studio, and I've found it to be terribly unstable for my needs.

                              1-5 are the most annoying because they trigger at least 2 times within an hour.


                              Sure, the app is smooth if you open it, drag a clip and play it in the timeline.

                              Are you satisfied with just that? Have you tried it on a single day in production? DON'T!!

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                                wolfkain Level 2

                                Each one of them plus more have already been submitted to Adobe's wishform and Uservoice by me and other members.

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                                  wolfkain Level 2


                                  I totally agree with you that Adobe should build a trust relationship with their customers.


                                  If you ask an editor's opinion about premiere, almost 8 out of 10 people will answer: "it's just for kids to play".

                                  As a senior editor, mostly on Avid, and constantly looking for a way out and trying other NLEs, I've found out that all of them would have answered: "haven't you switched already?" if Adobe just didn't messed up with the stability of their software.


                                  Why are they not hearing? They hold the ability to grab all the players and they simply fail to do it.



                                  1. Stability is not even close to the market's PRO NLEs (Avid, FCPX)


                                  2. Zero redesign. Why do they love it that much? My guess is that they have no resources to spend on Premiere (both money and capable programmers).


                                  3. It's not made for workstations. It's true. PPro doesn't care if you have two Intel Xeon's with maybe 16 cores and two graphics cards with 12GB dedicated GPU and 11 TFLOPS horsepower. When you export, render, or play a clip both on software or mercury engine, you are going to cry your money if you open the task manager and see that only 10% of your resources are being utilized.


                                  4. Most important, they don't hear their users. I've been sending bugs and feature requests for almost five years, and nothing has been ever fixed (at least within a year) or added.


                                  I have my eyes on Resolve for the last two years and what they do is remarkable. I admire their effort to accomplish everything that a PRO editor needs today and they are doing a pretty good job. A job that I wish Adobe would make all these years.


                                  One thing is for sure. Paying $700 bucks per year for buggy software will no longer be the case in the feature if Adobe don't act now.

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                                    megacinn Level 2

                                    ....if you ask an editor's opinion about premiere, almost 8 out of 10 people will answer: "it's just for kids to play".As a senior editor, mostly on Avid, and constantly looking for a way out and trying other NLEs, I've found out that all of them would have answered: "haven't you switched already?"........................


                                    I totally agree with you 1000%


                                    what many softwarecompanies ignore these days is the reason why they are today a major player.

                                    NOT because the software is better than others, they missed the fact that, when they grew , nearly 80% of all kids, students, young ones with no money had cracked illegal software they played with.

                                    Asked then at their first job about the experiencegrade of that , or another software, it was an easy decission for a companiy to take that ones who can work with whatever software without much costly training.

                                    That worked for many years for adobe as well as Avid , Autodesk and others.


                                    Now , we have around 150 editors and many of them had in those years, where we setup the huge Unity/ISIS installations a , let's say "Internetversion " of the MediaComposer.

                                    After very much discussion that a software is not only something to be downloaded, if it is worth for me to work with, it should also be worth paying those who put much work in it.


                                    Well many of them had their official version then.

                                    Some of them sold it now including the dongle and got nearly 80% of their investment back.


                                    Now , we are talking exactly of those as you described it...... no, I'm professional...kids toy....only the composer......

                                    I've spent hours gently discussing every feature and ....I heard that this is not working......I'm used to press a pink button to do ...that one is not existing in permiere....you know what I mean.


                                    Even if I could convince them........ It absolutely is a nogo for all of them to pay 700/year.

                                    As the competitor , half of them would pay a few hundred bucks ONCE as an investment ..... if the new heros in all of our industries ...these analysts , marketing experts , lawyers .... only focussing the fast benefit ... let's sit back ...enjoy ...and wait what's happening in the next 2 years with these "shareholder dominated" companies.


                                    What shall I discuss if a very pricy subscription gives me DOWNGRADES as soon as we have paid for it.

                                    Other then the statement of one of the adobe officials here in the forum, i have not heard one "accepted as a bug ...issue"...Only a few affected...

                                    The answer of all editors will be a big party celebrating that ..they ever have knewn it ...there is no benefit ...instable ...same import drama ....let's stick on that what we have used for 26 years now.


                                    No trust relationship between customer and company ...no long term


                                    ADOBE IT'S IN YOUR HANDS


                                    I've come such a long way with you .... if even I am shaking my had now ... you really should think about it....

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                                      Patrick J. Palmer Adobe Employee

                                      Hi Wolfkain,


                                      sorry to hear you've been running into such a wide range of issues.


                                      All of the reports on User Voice that you're mentioning are currently under investigation, one of them (search box issue) has indeed been reproduced on at least one system configuration and we're looking into creating a fix for it. It's marked as "Under consideration", if you're a subscriber to the thread you'll be notified as soon as its status is changing. Same thing goes for all the other reports on the issues you mentioned here.


                                      If you wanna talk over the phone about some of the more general statements you made, I'd be happy to give you a call. Just send me a private message and let me know how to reach you.




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