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    Import Image in Shockwave

    bluejays86 Level 1
      Good morning, my Shockwave movie downloads a "jpg" into dswmedia folder and then imports this downloaded image into a castmember for Sprite(5). It displays perfectly in Windows (both XP and Vista) but the image does not display in sprite(5) on the mac. On the Mac OSX, I can view the downloaded image in the dswmedia folder. The following code imports the image into sprite(5)'s castmember. Thanks for the help - Brian.

      sourceMember = member("ImportedArt")
      destMember = sprite(5).member

      sourceMember.importFileInto("File://art.jpg", [#trimWhitespace: FALSE, #mapImageToStage: TRUE])
      sourceMember.name = "ImportedArt"
      sourceMember.trimWhiteSpace = FALSE

      destMember.image.fill(destMember.image.rect, rgb(255, 255, 255))
      destMember.image.copyPixels(sourceMember.image, destMember.image.rect, destMember.image.rect)