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    printing pdf with pictures added


      So, I have pro.   I'm adding pictures to pdfs in an overlay and it looks good.  Saves well and I can send those files to others.  But when we go to print those pdfs the overlay pictures are not printed.  as if they are never anchored to the PDF.  how do I fix this?

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          AnandSri Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hello Kenw,


          We apologize for the inconvenience caused, as per the description above, I can understand that you are not able to print a PDF file which contactins images, Is that correct?


          This problem can occur when you print a PDF file which contains images or fonts that Acrobat is not able to process during print. Printing a PDF as an Image bypasses that processing by sending the printer a simple image of the document instead.


          Try printing the PDF as an image from the Advanced Print Setup, Click on Print(Ctrl+P/Command+P)>Clcik on Advanced>Select Print as Image.



          You can also refer to the Adobe article Print PDF as image | Adobe Acrobat, Reader


          Let us know how it goes and share your findings.



          Anand Sri.

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