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    Tracing cue points in dynamically loaded video

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      The beauty of using a video object in Flash is that you don't have to import the .flv file (at least that's how I understand this). I've loaded Untitled.flv dynamically using the code below and it plays just fine. I've created my own video player buttons and they work fine as well.

      I've encoded my Untitled.flv and created a cue point at 10 secs with the following info:

      Name: cuePtEnd
      Time: 00:00:10.00
      Type: Event

      I left the parameters window empty.

      I want to trace the following statement, "Cue point reached" once this cue point is reached. I have an idea of how to do this using the FLVPlayback component, but if I place an instance of this on the stage, I'll have two videos, the one that I'm loading dynamically and the instance of FLVPlayback. I don't want to use components; I'm a little confused at this point; please help.